Samsung Note 8 Won’t turn on? Samsung Note 8 Won’t turn on after Charging? Samsung Note 8 Won’t charge Anymore? above issues in Samsung mobiles are common. Samsung is a very big brand in the Mobile Market. They have more than 1000 mobile series around the world. Many Users tell us that Samsung Note 8 gets the black screen and not able to turn on.

Troubleshoot for Samsung Note 8 Won’t turn on

We are here to solve Samsung Note 8 Won’t Turn On and Won’t Charge anymore issue. Nowadays all Samsung Mobiles come with an inbuilt battery so you cannot changes yourself with a new battery. You have to visit your nearest Samsung Customer Care to get a new battery. But always changes new Battery is not the best solutions for charging issue.

But going to customer care is not the best solution for this issue. Another solution is to keep the mobile charge with Samsung Orginal charger for the whole night. Sometimes mobile getting slow charge and you are not able to figure it out. Keep charge Samsung Note 8 for whole night will charge mobile 100% and you can check in the morning.

Samsung Note 8 won’t charge at all

Sometimes Note 8 plugging it in to charge, it didn’t charge at all. To fix this charging issue, we have to reset Galaxy Note 8 mobile soft so that mobile can start charging again. To do the soft reset, you have to read the following article of our where we have to tell you how to do hard/soft reset Galaxy Note 8 mobile. Here is a link to Samsung Note 8 Hard Reset:

Samsung Note 8 Hard Reset – Factory Reset – Recovery – Unlock Pattern

Try Safe Mode for Samsung Note 8 Won’t Turn On Troubleshooting

  1. Turn Off Your Samsung Note 8 plus mobile.
  2. Press Power key for 10-15 seconds.
  3. “Samsung” logo will appear on your mobile screen.
  4. Press and Hold volume down key until the device finishes restarting
  5. You will see Safe mobile on the bottom corner of the mobile screen
  6. Now your mobile is in safe mode.
  7. 90% of slow charging is caused by an app. So you have to find that app in safe mode and uninstall that app from your mobile.
  8. You can Hard Reset Your Samsung Note 8 plus Mobile. Before doing so, you must have backup your file and settings.