iPhone 7 No Service Issue? Is your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 plus unable to take Calls? iPhone 7 unable to make Call? Is iPhone unable to call issue after IOS upgrade? if you are facing these issue on your iPhone then we have a solution for these issues.

The main cause of iPhone 7 no Service issue can anything like software not up to date, Some iPhone setting is on, or your Network Carrier issue. Try one of the following troubleshoots to fix the issue:

Check iPhone Network Settings

if you are not able to make or receive calls from your iPhone then you have to check with Network Setting. Here are steps to check Network Settings:

  1. Tap on Setting Icon.
  2. Now Tap on General Menu.
  3. Again Tap on Reset Menu.
  4. Now Tap on Reset Network Settings.
  5. It will remove all Network Setting including WIFI passwords, Network, etc.
  6. Try to switch with a different network band like LTE, 4G or 3G. To do so, Go to Settings >  Cellular > Cellular Data Options > Enable LTE or Disable LTE.

Update iPhone Software

First of all, update your iPhone OS or software to the latest version. before updating your iPhone make sure it connected with WIFI. Here are the steps to update iPhone OS:

  • First of all, Tap on Setting icon.
  • Now Tap on General.
  • it will show you a list of the menu.
  • Click on Software Update.
  • Tap Download and Install.
  • It will download software or OS on your mobile.
  • Now Tap on Update.
  • It will take some time to update the iPhone.
  • Now you iPhone have the latest OS.

iPhone 7 Unable to Call Issue

Check iPhone Settings

There can many settings that can create this no services issue on mobile. Check the following settings on your iPhone to make sure everything is right:

  • Check for Block Number if you are facing this issue for a specific number. To check  Tap Settings. Tap on Phone. Now, Tap on Call Blocking & Identification. Check here for number.
  • Tap on Settings. Now Turn on Airplane Mode, wait Ten seconds, then Turn Off Airplane Mode.
  •  Tap on Settings. Now Tap Do Not Disturb. Make sure it is off.
  • Check of Call forwarding issue. if you enabled this feature you will not receive calls on your mobile. To check Tap on Settings. Now, Tap on Phone. Tap on Call Forwarding and make sure it is off.

Insert Your SIM Again

Still, your issue is not resolved then you have to remove SIM Card from your iPhone and put it back again into the slot. Here are the steps to remove the SIM from iPhone:

  • Take a paper pin a SIM-eject tool.
  • Look to SIM Tray on iPhone.
  • There you will see a hole beside the SIM tray.
  • Put Pin or Tool into the hole.
  • SIM Slot will come out from your SIM Tray.

Now take out SIM out of Tray. Wipe SIM with a clean cloth and put it back into SIM Tray.

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